Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

Our number one value proposition is our depth of connections and relationships with the passive talent in the industry and our engaged partnerships with a few exceptional companies. We are People Catalysts who cause great changes in someone’s career and personal life. And we take it seriously. Given all of our candidates are passive, why would they make a change unless their life would be better? Key motivators must first be understood, and then we focus on opportunities that meet those needs or desires. These motivators include:

Quality of Life
Money / Compensation

Each motivator has many different meanings to our candidates. We listen for their specific reasons. What would make a career change compelling? If we don’t know that, then we really can’t extract a top passive talent. At the end of the day, this is all about people and we‘re the catalyst that opens up a new future. Once we see what drives them to make a change, we can “ride shot gun” in the industry for them while they are buried at their current job. We don’t just fill placements, we change lives.