The Extract Talent business model offers the services that are most needed and wanted in today’s current industry crisis. We are a committed search partner and won’t stop at just finding the right candidate for the job. Our relationship with our clients extends far beyond that. We are here every step of the way and can help with anything from the interview process to the candidates’ transition into a new position. Our reputation helps keep these lasting relationships and ensures future business with clients.

We are Successful. Fortunately, we have never replaced a candidate for our clients. All have done exceptionally well, proving to be a great talent acquisition.

We are People Catalysts. We cause a “positive reaction to happen more quickly” by bringing extraordinary candidates to our clients.
We are Engaged and Trusted Advisors. We are partnered with our clients in a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.
We have a Portfolio of Passive Candidates. All levels of talent, and especially Executive to C-level leaders, appreciate our unique way of being their advocate and have asked us to represent them confidentially.
We are Sharp Shooters…Bulls Eye. Our talent specialists deliver candidates faster and who are “spot on” so you only need to interview a few candidates.

By placing candidates in positions that will enhance their career, Extract Talent keeps positive relations with the top talent in this industry. By ensuring confidentiality and following through on placement strategy, these individual relationships are used to help find you the best candidates.