Retention Tools

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Retention Tools


DISC Assessment:
For clients, it provides management insight that adds great value to the beginning of a new relationship with a candidate.

Custom Workshops:

Communication Technology:
Workshops that will radically elevate a team’s effectiveness by learning new ways of communicating with respect and responsibility. The RIO on this training is immediate and obvious, enabling teams to overcome common communication breakdowns in the workplace.

Team Building: exercises designed to promote group collaboration and business support systems.

Recruitment Package:

Interview and Debrief Facilitation:
We will work alongside your interview team to determine their needs and help assess Human Resource strategy.


90 Days from Start Day:
We will remain immediately available to our candidates and clients up to 90 days after a placement to answer questions and provide support.

Coaching Calls between Hiring Manager & Candidate:

During the 90 day period we will engage in 3 coaching calls to confirm mutual satisfaction from both the hiring manager and placed candidate.